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Dr. Michelle K. Murray, CEO of Nexus Family Healing and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, answers questions about family relations or mental health. 


Mother talking with daughter

How Do I Help My Teenage Daughter and Her Friends Have Guided Conversations About Suicide?

I overheard my teenage daughter and her friends talking about their favorite show and how one of the characters committed suicide. I was a little nervous overhearing this conversation and I want to help them have guided conversations around suicide, but I don't know where to start. How can teens talk about suicide with each other?
Daughter talking to Mother

How Do I Manage My Relationship With My Mother During COVID?

I work as an ICU RN and for the past year or so I’ve been in the COVID ICU. It is like a war zone, where I watch people die every single day. The amount of stress has taken a toll on my health. Things were getting better for a while, but now as the COVID numbers increase again it means managing more cases and experiencing more death. My mom lives with me and has been living with me for about 5 years. We had a great relationship, but this last year her best friend submerged her into conspiracies theories. My mom doesn’t believe COVID is real, doesn’t wear a mask, and thinks vaccines are a way to control us. What can I do?
Father having a serious conversation with his son

How Do I Best Support My Child Who Is Grieving Their Friend Who Died by Suicide?

My teenage son's friend committed suicide and my son is having a really hard time. We haven’t talked together about suicide in the past, and I am not sure what approach to take to have these difficult conversations. How do I start the conversation and how do I best support him at this time?
man in his 20s contemplating

Managing My Relationship With My Birth Mother

My birth mother gave me up for adoption when I was a newborn. I am now 24 years old and connected with my birth mother and her family two years ago. At first, it was great to meet the extended family and learn more about my birth story. However, I am getting more and more uncomfortable with our interactions. My birth mother seems to be very moody and wants more contact than I am prepared to give. She can lash out emotionally quite easily and I have learned that she has a lot of mental health issues. I don’t enjoy this relationship and don’t have that strong of a connection to her. How do I back away without hurting her feelings?
Worried Mother

I Am Worried My Son and His Wife Are Physically Abusive With Each Other

I just moved to a new state and temporarily moved in with my son and daughter-in-law until I find an apartment. This has been a very difficult living situation because I am learning that they fight a lot. A recent incident occurred that really shook me up. My son and daughter-in-law were fighting and my son pushed her quite hard and she pushed him back. I was really worried about what would have happened if I had not been there and jumped in the middle. I am worried that they are being physically abusive with each other and that their children are observing this. What do I do? It has stressed me out so much that I am moving out earlier than I had planned.
A girl in school looking at friends gossiping

Gossip From Other Parents Is Affecting My Daughter and Her Friends

My ten-year-old daughter hangs out with a group of girls whose parents I actually don’t care for. I think we just have different values in our family. With this parent group, there is a lot of gossiping, worrying about what others think or getting into their business, or talking down about other families. I am hearing the girls have the same kind of conversations and it is starting to worry me. What do I do as a parent? These are her friends.
Depressed Teenage Boy

My Teen Is Dreading School and Gets Extremely Anxious in the Mornings

My teen is dreading school coming up and in the past gets extremely anxious in the morning. I don’t think he wants to go to school. I’ve tried to ask him what is wrong, and he says nothing, but I know something is wrong. He used to like going to school. How do I get to the bottom of this?
Young male adult who is depressed

My Stepson Suffers From Depression

My 23-year-old stepson suffers from depression and is considered obese according to doctors. He showers every 5 - 7 days and sometimes he won’t shower for 3 weeks. He is also not working. My husband refuses to lay down adult rules and I feel stuck without his back-up. This young man needs help, yet he refuses to see a psychiatrist or a counselor. Please advise.
Young boy having nightmares

How Can I Prevent My Child From Having Nightmares?

My 6-year-old son has a lot of nightmares and sometimes I wonder if he is having night terrors. Is there something that I can do to stop these from occurring?
Grandmother with grandchild

I Feel It Is My Responsibility To Correct My Son, Not My Mother's

My mother tends to correct my son. It is not that I disagree with her, in fact, I usually don’t, but I am standing right there. I feel like it is my role to do the correcting, not hers. How do I tell her to back off or do I just roll with it since I agree?